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Jesse Morgan's Tolman Jumbo build

Ok lets see if I can get some photos downloaded. Well it appears not to be for today. I will send them to Paul to post. [ Got them and updated your photo album... -- Paul]

I have got the bottom screwed down and the transom all trimed. Next step is to screw down the 2nd layer of the bow section. Then start working on the sides.

Jesse Morgan's Tolman Jumbo build

Well, It has been awhile since I have had time to post. Did not get much done in June and July due to work, son getting deployed and supervising crew on new roof for the house, putting up a carport to supplant the "costco special" for the rest of the build. alot accomplished this month. Finished enclosing the carport for the winter, so I can keep on working in the bad weather. Made some cross supports to hold block and tackles to hoist the bottom. Made the transom, stringers,and bowstem. The transom was pretty straight forward. Making the cut on the stringers I think I must have triple checked myself before I made the cut. Two hundred bucks on the line if you screw it up, but it went great once I commited to it. I was disapointed in the quality of the versalam. I had to fill a number of missing knot holes in the outside plys, and voids in the edges.

Jesse Morgan's Tolman Jumbo build

Man, I didn't realize how long it had been since I had updated my blog. The bottom is done and has been sitting in my yard for two months. I have pics I will send to Paul to add since I don't seem to be able to figure it out.

jesse morgans jumbo tolman skiff

Today I was havin a great time makin the scarfs on my chine stock when a nasty little thunderstorm decided to pour on me. I was workin in the front yard as I am out of space elsewhere. I only had about 5 more minutes of cutting to do, but ran out of time. Oh well, had to leave for work, so I covered it up with visqueen and will try to get it done tomorrow.

Jesse Morgan's Tolman Jumbo build

Well, finally have time to update my log. Since the last post I have scarfed the bottom panels, and glued them up. I also cut a bunch of 4" and 6" 10oz tape. I cut the bottom panels, and stitched them up then glued and taped the fairbody.

I then got sidetracked putting up a carport over the driveway to replace the "costco special" I have been building under.

Tomorrow I am going to cut and glue up the chine shelve stock if all goes well.

Jesse Morgan's Tolman Jumbo build

Spent my days off cleaning out my garage, and doing a little wiring. Ordered some epoxy and fillers from Progressive, so just killing time until they get here. Built some sawhorses, will have 5 pairs when done. Built a rack to hold three work lights in the "boat shop", and installed it.
Marsha and I will take a little drive up to fiberglass supply on our days off this week to get some glass, and spend a little "quality time" together on the scenic drive. ;-)

I have my epoxy cart all ready to go. I will post a pic of it on my next post.

Going fishing for silvers on Thursday out of Cathlamet Wa.

Jesse Morgan's Tolman Jumbo build

Here we go....trying to get photos downloaded. Two are of my boatbuilding apprentice and fishing buddy Josh (grandson). The other is my brother in law Chris who was visiting from New Mexico. I told him he had to earn his fishing rights by helping cut the bottom panels. You can see how limited my building area is in the small garage. Once the nice weather hits I will stake the guard dog in the garage and leave the doors open to the Costco special for more room.

Tolman Skiff - Morgan's Jumbo: Getting started

Just getting started on my Jumbo. What has occured so far;
Ray Brown kindly loaned me his jig to build on last fall.
I have cut my bottom panels and scarfed them.
I have purchased my bowstem stock, my 2x8 for the transom, the ply for the transom, and more 2x for framing.
I am building in a "Costco Special" 10' x 20' enclosure. I am waiting for the weather to warm up so I can start gluing stuff together. In the meantime I am cutting out all the parts I can in order to expedite the process once the weather turns.
I have taken some photos and will post them once I figure out how to do it.

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