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Dodson Jumbo Log Book

07/30/07 Big Lake Aalska

On Monday after work we decided to head out to Big Lake in the Crystal Dawn to see if we had fixed the fuel issue.  THe good news is no more fuel issue.

My wife, son and I hooked up the boat, grabbed the dogs, Chevy, our black lab and Jade, our white boxer.  Unfortunately we forgot the camera.

The Crystal Dawn Floats

Dodson Jumbo launch
Update: Launch photos! 
I got up and 6:00 am on Saturday July 28th 2007 and started doing a few last minute install and hookups to get the Crystal Dawn ready to get wet for the first time. Note I did not say finished as I don't think I will ever "finish" as I have lot's of new ideas. At 10 pm we hooked it to the trailer and starting heading for salt water. Stopped by the gas station and put 30 gallons into the 62 gallon belly tank. As I mentioned during the tank install I added vent lines to the front and rear of the tank. The boat sits bow up slightly on the trailer and I was concerned with fueling time. I just hit the nozzle full open and watched my money disappear. I could hear and feel the vent expelling air and I had no bubble up out of the fill tube.
We got to Seward, Alaska about 3:00 am and caught 3 hours rest at Mike McCormick's Bay Barge and Bait shop. They are good friends (really good friends as it was 3:00 am) whose son (Ryan) was riding with us for the shake down cruise.
The bait shop apartment overlooks to loading ramp. As I looked out the window with bleary eyes at 6:30 am, the first thing I saw was a white with green trim wide body being unloaded. It was definitely a Tolman and it looked like a wide body. It did not have an anchor well but rather a small cuddy and large flat deck that took up the anchor well area as well as about a third of what would have been the cuddy roof line. It looked like you would still have sitting headroom but only one person wide next to the bulkhead. But you then have a large flat area at the front that looked nice for casting or fly fishing. I wish I had a camera with me to snap a photo.

1/11/06 Juneau

While on a trip to our Juneau, AK office on 1/11/06 a co-worker took me out for a quick crab hunt. We left the Douglas, AK harbor at 12:30 pm in a 14' Klamath and took a quick run of about a mile to the crab pot. After using a bouy pulling system we gathered up 7 crabs of legal size. We had to release a King and a couple of small tanners. We had 5 tanners and 2 dungies. Back to the dock, a quick cleaning, and back to the office. Total trip time from office door to office door 90 minutes. That makes a road trip very worthwhile. Weather was calm, clear and a balmy 38 degrees. Water was smooth.

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