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The Crystal Dawn Floats

Dodson Jumbo launch
Update: Launch photos! 
I got up and 6:00 am on Saturday July 28th 2007 and started doing a few last minute install and hookups to get the Crystal Dawn ready to get wet for the first time. Note I did not say finished as I don't think I will ever "finish" as I have lot's of new ideas. At 10 pm we hooked it to the trailer and starting heading for salt water. Stopped by the gas station and put 30 gallons into the 62 gallon belly tank. As I mentioned during the tank install I added vent lines to the front and rear of the tank. The boat sits bow up slightly on the trailer and I was concerned with fueling time. I just hit the nozzle full open and watched my money disappear. I could hear and feel the vent expelling air and I had no bubble up out of the fill tube.
We got to Seward, Alaska about 3:00 am and caught 3 hours rest at Mike McCormick's Bay Barge and Bait shop. They are good friends (really good friends as it was 3:00 am) whose son (Ryan) was riding with us for the shake down cruise.
The bait shop apartment overlooks to loading ramp. As I looked out the window with bleary eyes at 6:30 am, the first thing I saw was a white with green trim wide body being unloaded. It was definitely a Tolman and it looked like a wide body. It did not have an anchor well but rather a small cuddy and large flat deck that took up the anchor well area as well as about a third of what would have been the cuddy roof line. It looked like you would still have sitting headroom but only one person wide next to the bulkhead. But you then have a large flat area at the front that looked nice for casting or fly fishing. I wish I had a camera with me to snap a photo.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 5/07 - 6/16 build

non slipI spent a lot of time this weekend on the boat.  I got 2 coats of Sys III primer on the outside of the hull and back bulkhead.  One coat on the cockpit sides.  I used Rustoleum Topsiders marine paint for the above waterline paint.  I also used the Rustoleum non skid additive for the gunnels.  This is a shot of the gunnels after the non skid was added.  The non skid is a Battleship grey and the inside of the cab

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 2/07 - 5/07 build

Work continues. Since the last post I have completed the cuddy and installed the cuddy window frames. I uses some plywood frames I got from Neal at In my opinion they look real nice and should help lighten up the cuddy.
I have the main cabin primered and the first coat of top paint on. I have also primed and painted the cuddy. I am using Rustoleum Marine Topsiders for the skiff, both inside and out. I used a graphite epoxy bottom finish so that is done. I am using a light gray inside the cabin and white on the outside of the hull with some medium gray accents. Rutoleum doesn't have a light gray so I mixed my own using a 50/50 mix of the Battleship Grey and White.
The deck is now epoxied in place and faired. It is coming together and I hope to see it float in June, July at the latest.
I also have some photo's showing the seating. I went with 2 bench seats and 2 individual seats from Cabela's. The individual seats are forward facing and sit higher to afford a better view. They are removable (3/4 pin bass boat style) and will work in some individual seat bases that I will use on the deck. In the photo's you will also see a leaning post set-up for the driver. This slips in place over the seat box when the seat is removed to allow standup piloting when the weather is snotty or trolling.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 3/28 - 4/2 build

I am making progress. Since my last post I have fit the windshield panels in place. I needed to fit them so I could fit the upper panels in place. I needed the upper sides in place so I could fit the lower side in place. Once I got everything fitting like I liked it I started with the lower side and glued it up solid.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 3/14 through 3/25 build notes

Where to start. Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of little things. I have some photo's that I will upload soon.
I have completed the bulkheads and epoxied them in place.
I epoxied the 2 roof beams in place. I made them from the 1/2" oukume ply by ripping them to 1 1/2 then epoxying 2 pieces for each beam. I then glassed the 3 exposed sides of the beam with 6 oz tape for added strength. I set the beams at 26" inside to inside. This will give me several option for the hatch when I decide which style I will get.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 3/3 - 3/13 Build Progress Notes

I have been remiss in updates and I will try and catch up. Time has kind of blended together so if I repeat steps I just forgot and didn't actually do them twice. Let's see, over the last 10 days I have:
I epoxied the cuddy sides and sanded a bit on the inside to shelf corner.

Epoxied the rear bulkhead in place.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 2/27 - 3/2 build on the Crystal Dawn 24'Jumbo

I haven't got a lot accomplished other than continuing to cut parts in preparation for some epoxying work this weekend. I have cut all the upper sides out as well as the solid wood 2" shelf pieces that will join the upper sides to the lower sides. I am using the process that Neal did on his jumbo. Neal was nice enough to provide me with a couple of pattern pieces that allowed my to quickly reproduce them on my table saw.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 2/18 - 2/26 build

It has been a while since I updated the blog. I was out of town for about 4 days so most of the work took place the weekend 18 - 20 and 24 - 25. I had a 3 day weekend on the 18 - 20 so I worked pretty steady during that time. I will try and remember what I did.
The weekend of the 18th I finished cutting the filler for the middle bulkhead and installed them. I also glassed one side of the bulkhead and epoxy coated the other. I epoxied the bulkhead to the filler, framing member and hull.

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 2/15 and 2/16 build

On Wednesday I spent some time cutting and fitting the cuddy, or middle, bulkhead. I made it out of a single sheet of 1/2" oukume plywood. I used the template and cut it flush with the stringers, or at least I tried to. It ended up about a 1/2" above stringer height after it was fitting nice. I haven't cut out the filler pieces between stringers and hull so I will just cut them 1/2:" above the stringers and call it a feature and not a bug. Software developers will know what I mean, right Steve?

Tolman Skiff - Dodson Jumbo: 2/12 - 2/14

I picked up 4 sheets of 1/2 Oukume ply from Neal on Tuesday. I was very happy with the quality and it was nice to work with. I also received the micro plane file and sandpaper yesterday as well. Last night after a Valentine dinner and movie with my wife I snuck down to the garage for a little boat building. I am trying to work at least an hour every night. I like getting my plywood from Neal when possible as I also get some detailed design drawings on construction methods.

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