Day 71 - Fuel Tanks 2

Today I continued with the fuel tank compartments. I installed longitudinal bracing under the tank base. Renn calls for a web stringer here and this will serve that purpose. All of the bracing is installed with limber holes to allow drainage to the back of the boat. I think I'll glue in some floation under the tank deck as this would be a good place for it.
In looking at the fittings on the tank there are three fuel line connections on the corner of the tank. I'm a sailboat guy so I really have no idea what each of these do. They are labeled "K" "M" and "R" with arrows on all three. I'll post a photo here. If you know what these are for then leave a comment. Meanwhile I'm off to search the web for answers.

Day 70 - Fuel Tanks I

Today I started on the fuel tank compartments. I have two 45 gallon, 6 foot long tanks that will go outside of the stringers from station #6 back. Today I cut out the floor of the compartment and installed bracing that will support it and the tanks. I'll post a photo when it's finished. The aft bulkhead is going to go in about 5 feet aft of station #6. I'll still have a 6' berth on the port side but a photo will explain it better than I can with words. I'll post that when the bulkhead goes in.

Day 69 Cuddy Bulkhead II

I installed the center block that goes between the stringers. It may not seem like I get much done on a day to day basis. Most of the 69 days so far are really just a few hours of work. I tend to work on the boat 1-2 hours a day if I have the time. I can spend more time when school's out but generally I never spend more than 2-3 hours and then only a couple of days a week. Even though it seems like things are moving slowly now, I can see that with bulkheads installed, the shelf decking and decks will go quickly. I'm pretty sure I'll be in the water this summer. ;-)

Day 68 - Cuddy Bulkhead

Today I got started on the the cuddy bulkhead. I installed the filler blocks between the stringers and the hull 6" forward of station #6. I'll make the center filler block tomorrow. Then before I make the actual bulkhead, I'll make the fuel tank platforms that are located outside of the stringers. The tanks are 6 feet long and will nestle down inside the stringer so that only about 6 inches will be above stringer height. These will be inside a compartment that will be covered with the dinette and galley cabinet areas port and starboard. I'll have to vent them and get all the plumbing figured o

Day 67 - Bow Tank

Today I installed the first bulkhead which is part of the bow floatation tank. The first photo shows the doubler installed along with the center-line brace. The full bulkhead is then glued to this doubler. Renn provides a good way of installing it in his book. First you make a jig from a 2x4 and scrap plywood that sits square on the stringers. The jig holds the doubler (1/2" plywood) in place while it's being glued to the hull.

Day 66 - Bow Tube

Today I installed the bow tube. I made the jig Renn describes in his book and trusted it instead of my eyes and the holes were 1/4" off, one being higher than the other. I guess I didn't get it on straight. I got out a round file and made one hole lower and the other higher and with the amazing gap filling properties of epoxy, all is well now. I glassed the inside with 4 layers of 10oz overlapped with a large fillet of high strength filler. There is NO WAY this tube is going anywhere. Before installing it I laid on some straight epoxy on the exposed end grain plywood inside the holes and heated it up with my heat gun to make sure it was thin and would soak in. After 6 hours under the heat lamps and an over night cure I'll be ready to hit the outside with the grinder to finish it off.

Day 65 - More Taping

I finished the last section of taping on the starboard stringer and now I'm ready for bulkheads. We'll start with the floatation tank and work towards the stern from there. I also have to put in the bow rope tube that Renn likes. I don't think it would be a Tolman Skiff without that.

Day 63 - More Taping

fillet_stick.jpgWell I'm 2/3 of the way towards being finished with the really fun job of making fillets and taping the stringers and chines. Yes this looks good when it's done but all that time spent on your knees, bent over spreading epoxy can get old fast. Today I did the starboard chine and one side of the starboard stringer. All I have left to do is the inside of the stringers. I'd like to do that tomorrow, we'll see...

I do have some tips on fillets. It's best to lay the tape in while the fillet is still wet.

Day 62 - Taping Stringers

Today I knocked off another 17 feet from the 200 (est.) feet of fillets and glassing. I did just one side of the stringer, again using 10oz cloth with 24oz biaxial on top of that. With my heatlamps I can do one section at a time. Tomorrow I'll do the other side of the stringer and maybe even get started on the second stringer as well.

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