Proud new owner

Just to say hello and Tell a little about myself. I'm the new owner of a 1966 pilothouse motor yacht. I am partial to the year as that is the year I was born as well. I am really exited to restore or referbash her and make her look like the beauty she once was. She has a couple of soft areas that need attention and the Aft deck needs replacing but I look forward to the challenge. I will enclose a pic and I am open to advise and hints from you more experienced skippers.


Last Pics of DONE 1964 Burchcraft

boat imageMy blog that shows ALL the pics of the restoration in progress is other wise I will add a few here to show the progress.

Well it's been 2 years and I am DONE with the restoration. Hope you enjoy the pictures that were added.

Restoration of 1964 Burchcraft Runabout 14'

Love this website and hope that my restoration will help someone with their old boat or perhaps cause someone to look at my photos and give me some pointers on anything they see.   You can follow my progress of restoration at

Camper and Long Coot Amphibious Seaplane

I am working on building a Camper for my service body pickup and a custom amphibious flying boat seaplane I now call the Long Coot Amphibian.  This vessel will be based on the Coot Amphibian, but will be about 28% longer, allowing more space and weight capacity for 4 people, while retaining the ability to fold the wings and trailer the vessel behind my truck camper.  The Long Coot has been called a Super-Coot by some.  This is my first log entry and we'll see how the project goes.  Pete 6/29/10. 

The Maiden Voyage

maiden voyageThe attached photos will depict the boat on its maiden voyage in Bogue Sound between Morehead City & Atlantic Beach, NC.  We launched the boat on sunday afternoon with an approximate 8-10 knot south wind.  The boat is not equipped with a motor so getting away from the boat ramp/dock proved to be the greatest challenge.  However, once we were "at sail" this little boat really impressed me with its speed and seaworthiness.

By the way--a couple of the photos depict my boat resting on a sandbar ----- that was done intentionally for a rest.  We did not "run-a-ground" :-)

Painting and Finishing the Topside

inside decksThe attached pictures will illustrate the topside paint  after the first primer coat (Interlux Pre-Kote) as well as the final paint job.  After finishing the paint job, I can see several places that could have stood a little more sanding....but as I said in an earlier post, there comes a time when patience runs out and you just want to get'r done!

My next post will show the boat on the day of its maiden voyage --- Memorial Day Weekend 2010.

Hi there, I am a new member

Hello everyone, I am a new subscriber to the forum. I am building a 20' Caladesi from Spirainternational. I have the ribs built and am going to built the keelson this weekend. I look forward to discussing and posting photo's of the boat. I look forward to hearing from everybody. Thanks Michael Herring  

May 8th-9th

I purchased Okoume marine plywood and African mahogany from The Hardwood Store in North Carolina.  They shipped it to facility in South Carolina about thirty minutes from my home.  I got right to work lofting and cutting the plywood.  I used the first panel as a template for the second, which worked out fine.

Building a Sam Devlin 8' Sandpiper

SandPiperThis is my first attempt at building any kind of boat.  My goal is to finish this boat successfully, and so I decided to start small to gain some experience and confidence in my skills.  I only have time to work on the boat during weekends so it may take some time to complete, but I'm in no hurry.

Devlin Sandpiper 

Boat building material possibilities

I live in the Sierra foothills near Yosemite in California.  Below I've attached some pictures of my sawmill (WoodMizer LT15 and an Alaskan mill.  The Alaskan mill takes a big kerf but makes cants that can fit on the WoodMizer.

I've been bitten by the boat building bug something fierce and wonder if wood species local to me are suitable for boat building.  I've access to ponderosa pine, cedar, sugar pine, bull pine and many varieties of oak.

Also attached below are some pictures of a music room paneled with wood from the mill.

Any help, links or information would be appreciated.  -Rob Littlefield

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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