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Designing and building something a little different

By charlief1 - Posted on 01 October 2015

Well I'm new here and I did build a "6 hour canoe" that I figured out several years ago, but it's become damaged to the point of not being worth rebuilding, so I decided to design and build something a little different. It's an S&G design "canyak', for lack of a better word. The pirogue served it's purpose and I enjoyed building as well as using it, but it had a learning curve when it came to using it. After looking ad quite a few other designs out by different designers, I decided what I'm looking for.


A small, easy to handle boat that's extremely stable, so I can stand in it for fishing. I fly fish so standing will help me cast out better, and the size of the boat will let me go places some of the other designs won't. The bottom peice will be 32" wide and 12' long. The next pannel is 6" wide at the middle and come off the bottom at a 50-55 degree angle to increase the width to 40". The next pannel is 6" tall at the middle which will give a total height of 10" on the sides. I'm in the process now of building a model so I can get the neasurements for the full sized version. I'm hoping that the total weight will be around 50 lbs, so it's light enough for just about anyone to move around.


Some of the things I'm considering is whether to make it a slight V bottom (3/4" from the middle to the side) or go with a flat bottom. The V bottom will sit a little lower in the water by roughly 1/2" but this is a shallow draft boat so it should cause me any issues if I do flat or V bottom. It will have a top on it as well at a 6" tumblehome to help keep out the water. The top will have a 4.5 to 5' open section for me to use and the seat will be sitting fairly high for better control as well as fishing.


I'm also trying to figure out a way to design and incorporate a peddle drive system so it can be paddled or peddled as needed. I don't want a comercial design for this since I'm more of a DIY kinda guy.


I've already cut the base of the model out and need to start on the sides to see how this will look so I might post some pics in the next week of the progress.

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