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Sea Knight - Interior Painting

By Osangar - Posted on 24 March 2014

Been hard at work getting the interior painted.  Not going to say much other than I am one step closer and glad it is done.  Cutting all of the edges and corners on the battens, frames, sheers, chines, stem,butt joints, cabinetry inside and outside took longer than the actual painting. 

There is still some more finishing details to be done on the inside, but the bulk of it is taken care of and I can work on the rest at my leisure.  Just want to get it usuable before summer time.

Interior cutting

Interior cutting and painting

Interior painting

Interior painting

Interior painting

The floor I will take care of at the same time I do the cockpit deck, for now I have moved onto the motor well and the aft deck.  With any luck in a few more weeks I will have that all in and painted.

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