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Sea Knight - Painting

By Osangar - Posted on 04 July 2013

Here we are the first week of July (happy Canada Day and happy Independence Day) and she is painted and ready to be flipped over. 

Lets not get ahead of myself, but I am so excited right now.  Its not that I am tired of seeing the bottom of the boat, but I am tired of seeing the bottom of the boat and it is just such a milestone of this project. 

Took a weekend in June to go up to Pender Harbour with my better half as she has been so patient and understanding while I have been working on this project which has been taking up a lot of free time.  What a beautiful part of the world.  We stayed in one of the resorts on the water there, put the canoes in Saturday morning and rowed the whole day visiting different areas for morning coffee, lunch, and an ice cream before we went back to the resort near dinner time.

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Found this fine derilict boat out in the harbour, and I believe someone is actually living on it.  Love the sapling growing out the side of it.  Anyone in need of a project.  :)


Next time I am up here I do hope it is in my little SeaKnight for the weekend.  Almost there.

After the sanding was all done and I could get everything as smooth as possible by hand, my neighbors don't seem to appreciate my power sander anymore which is the problem of doing this in a high residential area, I got the final epoxy barrier coat on.

Epoxy Coat

Next was to add the skeg to the bottom and the spray rails down the sides of the boat.  Having my raw lumber sit over the winter and not pefectly flat (that is fixed now) outside created a cool wow near the end of my pieces.  Had to get out the old towels again and soak the wood for a couple of days to try and straighten it out so I could mount the spray rail properly.

Spray Rails

Spray Rail

Got them on, planed, cleaned up and sanded.  Then it was back to sanding the whole boat getting any of the blush out of the epoxy and roughing it up in order to start accepting the paint.

Spray Rail

Got a few coats of primer on and WOW what a difference.  It really looks like a boat and it just seems to pop out like it is bigger or something now.  I am using a two part primer and epoxy paint and I don't know if it is the color or if it is the heat generated from the primer and paint mixing but the bugs seemed to love my boat.  Couldn't keep the buggers off of it and this stuff is stickier than fly paper.



Put the first coat of paint on and it went really well, except my brush would leave the odd bristle here and there which was a lot of fun trying to remove those.  Wasn't too worried as this was the first coat, it was the last coat that I would have to be more careful with.  Of course once I got to the last coat I used a different paint roller specifically for painting a boat and in three different areas it just exploded with little pieces of lint.  Got a new brush, recommended of course, it was no better at loosing bristles so my final coat didn't turn out as well as I had hoped between the brush, roller and those damn bugs.  I think it will still float though so I am not going to stress over it.  Besides how many people are going to climb under my boat, just need to do a better job on the top part.

Bottom Painting

Bottom Painting

Bottom Painting

Nonetheless I am really happy with it overall so far, it is not perfect and I don't want to be otherwise how will people know or believe that I made it.  :)

At lunch time today I will be running out to pick up my boat trailer and tomorrow night I have a bunch of friends coming over to help flip the boat over and put onto her trailer.  The plans say I should make a craddle for it and put it on that but I have a height restriction, not to mention the space restriction of a parking space, so I want to build the topside of the boat on the trailer in case it starts to get too tall to go under the building and I need to move it somewhere else.

Till next time.

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