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Sea Knight - Fibreglassing

By Osangar - Posted on 13 June 2013

Prior to putting the fibreglass on, I had a some low spots about midway that needed to be filled and faired so I could get the back half on the bottom as straight and smooth as possible.  However, it turns out I am not that good at fairing and filling and for a while there thought I had done more damage than good.  I am happy to report though I did manage to get thru it and I even expanded some of my vocabulary.


Next is to fiberglass, again something totally new to me and I will let you know I went a bit overboard on the fibreglass weight.  When I went to the marine store to pick it up I asked the guy there what weight I should use as I couldn't find anything in my instructions but he didn't know or have any recommendations.  I ended up going with an 18oz cloth and I could only find it in 36" widths, so I got 4 of them, one for each section (side, side, bottom, bottom).  Later I found in one of my books that 9-11oz is fine for a smaller boat like what I am building.  I don't think it will be a problem other than a bit more weight added and it used more epoxy to wet it out.  Definitely a thirsty cloth.



I was a little nervous about this part as I am not the best person to be using glue let alone painting with it.  Wasn't sure how much epoxy was required to wet it out correctly, but all in all it went fairly smoothly.  I made a pretty good mess too, on the ground and on me.  My clothes are just as waterproof now as my boat is.  :)


Got it done.  One issue with doing this work outside is when I came down the next day to get this picture I found 3 flies stuck to it.  Two that landed on it and one that flew just a bit too close as his wing was stuck to the side of the boat.  They are sandable but I don't want them doing that when I put my last coat of paint on.


Thought I would get a couple pics of me with the boat to help add some perspective as I have had some friends looking at the pictures think it was a little dinghy. 


Now it is time for more sanding, filling and fairing and sanding some more.  Put the skeg and spray rails on and then I can think about painting and more sanding.  Luckily for my neighbors most of this sanding is going to be done by hand.


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