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1956 Helton Wood Boat

By brantleyb - Posted on 09 May 2013

Hello All!!

My father, brother-in-law, and I have recently started this project of restoring a 1956 Helton Wood Boat that my father has had sitting in his yard for some years Tongue out.

We decided to start from the bottom up with the original Tilt O Matic trailer...

Tilt O Matic top part This is the top of the Tilt O Matic trailer. This is to be sanded, Phospho treated, and then painted an International Red since my father is an "old" engine and tractor buff Laughing.


This used to be an old 50's Green which had all but coroded away. Fortunately the green is still on the boat and looks in pretty good shape to keep.

This is the piece of the trailer which the boat rests on. This piece is lifted in the front by a winch to angle the boat for an easy slide into the water. (There is a wood board piece that we will be sanding and revarnishing that the boat actually rests on.) This wood piece actually still has the name of the trailer company still legible on the side "Tilt O Matic". I will be updating this Blog with the picture of that piece as soon as I can.






Here is the bottom piece. We have the wheels off, you can see them there in the picture. We also have this piece flipped upside down at the moment for easy wire wheel work and sand blasting.

Tilt O Matic bottom









Original EvinrudeOriginal Evinrude

This is the original Evinrude engine. We will be taking this puppy apart and restoring it in the near future as our project continues, so stay tuned.

I am particulary interested in what we will find inside this baby Laughing

It will probably be opening a can of worms at the same time so any tips would be appreciated :)


Helton Boat


Here she is! The main attraction! My father has her hung up in his barn at the moment, which lowers my picture quality at the moment until we bring her down to work on her. :(

You can see that old 50's green there along the bottom. My father also wants to add a little International Red stripe along the middle of the white line that rims the green on the top.


Below are some more attempts of me trying to get some better quality photos...




inside the Heltoncloser viewback of the Heltonfront of the Helton

Here is a link to the History of the Helton Wood Boat Company if you are interested:

Thanks for reading and following along with us. I will be updating this with pictures and descriptions as we go along restoring. Look forward to hearing from all you wood boat lovers :D

Brantley Jr.

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