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Custom Canoe Model

By Nigel Jourdain - Posted on 24 December 2012

Here is a small, 25 1/2" canoe I built in 2005.  Took about 15 minutes a day on breaks at work and was completed in 3 months.

A lot of detail in the small parts.  Didn't follow a plan,  but had a full size canoe in the shop to look at as a reference.

Tell me what you think of this. 

I plan to build a full size "power boat" that will be 30+ feet here soon.  Should start in in the next 6 months as I aquire all the hardwood I'll need.

Stay tuned.

And enjoy the photos from this little canoe.  I've thought about building more of these,  but it's SO labor intensive.  What would something like this sell for?  I'm curious.


Thanks for looking.









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