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Fife 8m Restoration: Quest

By FrenchandWebb - Posted on 25 July 2012

This is a restoration project we finished up.  She's a 1929 Fife 8m we restored with racing in mind for her new owners.  Turns out she's a quick one.  She came in second in her first race of the season at the Toronto Royal Yacht Club last month.

The framing consists of Fife’s favorite intermix of one sawn frame and two bent frames.  In the restoration, we laid newly splined tight planking over those frames.  The restoration included replacing the entire centerline structure, forefoot, keel, deadwood, and horn timber, as well as the transom, sheer planks and sheer clamps.  We were presented with a typical Fife challenge in the form of lots of galvanized mild-iron floor and frame connections – all of which had to be replaced with bronze.  The restoration also included restoring the 10,000 pound ballast to its originally designed form, constructing an entirely new deck frame and decks, and creating a new interior and cockpit.  We completed the process by outfitting Quest with a new engine and new electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems.

Here's what she looked like early on -

And here she is in the water -


Here are a few more photos of the restoration process:

In this one, we had replaced the original galvanized with bronze floor and sawn frames, also copper rivets.  We're building up the mast step at this point.

Here blocking and sheer clamps are being fitted

The interior was gutted and the new one is taking shape.  The main bulkhead is mahogany.


Here we're fitting the teak margins for the cockpit - also the new house top.

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