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Saturday ... the race was on

By Marsude - Posted on 12 May 2012

The race was on we had a few extra days so we thought we would do the topsides as well while she was out ... we were fortunate enough to have about a square metre that virtually fell off .. the rest was just hard scraping ... 95% ready for sanding and priming and hopefully we can fit in some filling ... but the main objective is to protect the hull ... till we are able to strip back , everdure, re-dynal where required and then finally paint :-)

Interior ... frame repairs have proven a bit of an achillies heel due to preparation and the application of everdure to replacement components ... the few finished frames feel terrific and solid ... tight :-) Steel work will resume once back in the water ... it's been alot of hard work ... but this is one hell of a boat and worth every moment of effort :-)  

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