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Thistle 1040 - Fairing begins...

By Thistle1040 - Posted on 09 May 2012

Thistle fairingTaking advantage of a string of warm dry days in Oregon (if you lived in Oregon, you'd realize how strange is is to see those words all together) I started faring the Thistle. First I hit high spots with the long board and then sanded the whole hull with my Bosh 1/2 sheet sander. This is a great sander as it has a dust collector and uses 1/2 sheet of sand paper at a time. This helps in fairing and doesn't produce a wavey surface like a random orbital sander would.

Next the keelson and bow got a coat of epoxy and the first layer of micro-spheres and epoxy. It will take several layers to get things really smooth and then we'll sheath the entire hull in 6 oz. fiberglass cloth. It takes a good 24 hours for the epoxy to cure to a sandable finish. Then the long board comes out again.  

The hull is actually very fair with only one flat spot in the aft section and some work required at the stem and along the keelson. I'm hoping that this stage will go fast but you have to put in the time now to get a good finish later.

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