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Thistle 1040 - Rocker measurements

By Thistle1040 - Posted on 06 May 2012

Thistle rocker measurement1040 Rocker measurements - Before sanding and fairing the bottom of 1040, I wanted to take the rocker measurements to see where I was with the basic shape of the hull. Rocker is the curve of the boat fore and aft as the bow and stern rise from the deepest part of the hull in the middle. The more rocker a boat has, the faster it will turn. If the forward part of the boat is deeper, the boat will go to weather better. If the aft part of the boat is flatter, it will plane faster. There were some Thistlers who believed that certain wooden hulls had super-fast shapes or that by tweaking the shape of the hull sections, one could make the boat faster. 

For 1040, I just want it to be as close to the designed lines as possible. So I stretched a tight line between the bow and stern at the prescribed heights in the plans. Amazingly the boat has almost a perfect shape except for being about 1/2" shallow in part of the bow section. Looking at the photo of the bow section below, it looks like someone planed this area flat at some time. The "D" measurement was within allowed range but was on the shorter side. I'm thinking now that when fairing the hull, I'll add material on the flat spots which will bring that part of the hull back to the designed shape. We're talking just 1/2" but it should make the flat spot go away. 

Here's an example of how the measurement at station 1 looked.
station 1

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