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Marsude on the slip ... still

By Marsude - Posted on 03 May 2012

Marsude has been on the slip for ten days now and in that time we have removed 40 years of antifoul, removed rusting steel frame supports  in the bilge and replaced them with stainless steel ... no idea why they put steel in a timber boat in the first place ... the cedar stringers and hull are fine, however the frames are rotten where they have been in contact with the rusting steel and screwed through laminated joints ...  

We have also removed all the through hull fittings to repair or replace with new bronze ones  ... The mast is down and the boom and whisker pole and spreaders are at home in the back yard waiting for sanding to be completed. 

The under water hull has been totally stripped and dynal is now being repaired ... then a coat of Jotun high build 2 pack epoxy primer and two coats of Jotun antifoul will be applied  ...  this is when she will go back into the water for us  to continue with deck repairs and to be re rigged ... knowing that the underwater is now safe and repaired. This is a good feeling ... and this is a very long term project and well worth the effort.

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