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Thistle 1040 - Costly mistake, measure twice - cut once

By Thistle1040 - Posted on 03 May 2012

The Thistle has four long seat planks that are beautiful. They are about 6 1/2 feet long and follow the curve of the hull so even though they are only 6.5 inches wide, they must be cut from 9 inch planks. I used the old seats as templates to cut out four new seats and went to install them and they just didn't look right. Measuring (after the fact...) it turns out the original sizes where nowhere near what was shown in the Thistle plans. Two could be recut and used again. Two were wasted. Off to Crosscut Hardwoods and $100 later I had more mahagony, the same colors as the other planks and with just one day lost, I had two more seat planks cut out, this time to the right measurements.

Fast forward to the next evening, pushing to get the seats done before this weekend when I hope to flip the boat, I was routing the edges and I went two inches past my pencil line and routed over a section that was supposed to be flat. Duh...  another wasted seat plank and tomorrow morning I'm off to buy another mahogany plank. That's a total of $150 wasted and time lost. I hate that. I could never put in the bad seats though because even though no one else may have ever noticed it, I would know. It would weigh on my mind every time I used the boat.

My wife says she'd like a nice Thistle bench for the living room and I now have plenty of extra material to make one. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg!  I'll post a photo later when the seats are in.

I feel your pain, seeing that I did the same thing not too long ago.  It has been fun following along.

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