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Sea Knight - Frame Assembly

By Osangar - Posted on 08 April 2012

I discovered the mistake I had made with my frames when I had finished drawing out the full size frame pattern pieces onto a piece of plywood.  This is what is going to make sure all my pieces are properly aligned with the centerline and setup level of the boat.  When I laid out my frame pieces onto this I found some of them wouldn't fit properly within the lines.

I have since cutout and sanded my new pieces and they now do fit properly within the lines so I can start to assemble them.  Here is an example of frame 5 laid out on the plywood.

Frame 5 laid out on plywood

We are finally starting to see some spring weather up here which is good timing as I need to assemble my frames outside and the epoxy gets hard to work with in too cool of temperatures. 

Here is a frame going together, one side is already assembled and now I am doing the other side epoxying and nailing together.

Epoxying and Nailing gussets to frames

Assembled frame

Just a couple of screws left to complete the assembly of frame 5 below.  Everything seems to be going quite smooth so far.

almost done frame 5

Here are all the frames put together.

All 5 frames completed

Still need to laminate the stems, breasthook and chine blocking pieces and assemble that together as well as assembling the transom.

However, with the good weather this long weekend I had  to go get the wood for the building form and see if I can get that put together. 

building form wood pile

I couldn't find any 2x6's longer than 16' and I needed 18' so I am forced to do a butt joint which I am hoping doesn't put things out.  Everything seems aligned correctly so I am going to continue on.

building form assembly

Going to get back out there and see if I can get this done today.

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