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Sea Knight - First Mistake

By Osangar - Posted on 31 March 2012

Last weekend i finished up the sanding and planing of all the frames pieces, stems, etc.  I then drew up the full size frame patterns onto a sheet of plywood.  This will ensure all my frames are correctly aligned and assembled squarely and properly.  Once I was done I quickly grabbed all the pieces for frame #1 and laid them out on the plywood to make sure my cuts were good and that everything will line up properly prior to actually glueing and fastening them together.

I soon discovered that I messed up the bottom frame member on frames 1, 2, 3 and the transom.  How could that be they all came from full size plans, its not like I even had to measure something.

When drawing out the frame pieces I assumed that the set up level line on the plans were perfectly level, or at 90 degrees from the centerline so I made sure I used the top edge of my lumber pieces.  This would save me cutting a perfect line at least on a few pieces.  It turns out it isn't perfectly straight but a very shallow V so instead of my bottom frames pieces having a nice upward wing to each side they have a downward wing and do not fit within my plan lines.

Back to the lumber yard to get some more wood.  Kind of ironic as I remember thinking to myself measure twice, cut once but it is not like you are really measuring when using full size plans.  LOL

I have recut my bottom frame members, planed and sanded them so this weekend I will see about putting them all together.

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