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Sea Knight - Cutting out the frames

By Osangar - Posted on 21 March 2012

Went out to the local wood yard for hardwood lumber to see what kind of wood I could find to make the frames of the boat.  The plans reccomend Oak, Mahogony or Spruce and my original intention was to use Oak but I couldn't get it in the widths I required so I ended up settling on Mahogony for the frames.  I might end up using the Oak for the keel, chines, sheers and battens though but we will see.

Bottom Member of Frame 2So here is my first plan laid out on my first piece of Mahogony.  Note that in this picture I have put the tacks around the lines of the plan I am going to transfer onto the wood.  In the future I put the tacks onto each corner of the plan frame member that I am transfering onto the wood so that I knew exactly where the corners were.  This next picture (if you can imagine the lines) shows how I started to place my tacks on the plan to mark the corners.Back side of Frame 2 Bottom Member

Bottom Frame Member ready to be cut outA complete bottom frame member drawn out onto the lumber ready to be cut out.

My first 4 frame pieces cut out.First 4 pieces cut out

More cut less unfinishedMy cut pieces continue to grow.  Unitl I get a finished pile.Pile of frame members

Using Douglas Fir Marine Grade AB plywood for the Gussets, Stems, Keel Knees, Chine Blocks and Breasthooks.  Here are all my gussets laid out ready for cutting.Gussets ready to be cut out

Since I cut out my gussets I couldn't resist just laying out one of the frame pieces just to get a bit of a sneak peak.  Still quite a ways away from actually putting them together, but whatever, need to get my little wins where I can. Frame Sneak Peak

My Stems and other pieces laid out ready to be cut.Stems, Chine Blocks, Breasthooks, Keel Knees

Transom drawn and ready to be cut out.Transom drawn out

Transom cut out

All the pieces are cut out now that need to be done at this time.  Over the next while I will be planing and sanding these to clean up my poor cutting ability.  A bandsaw is recommended but I don't have the room for one so I am stuck using a jig saw.

Frame pieces cut out rady for sanding

I have started sanding and planing but this pretty much catches me up to where I am right now in my project.  With any luck I will be able to start thinking about assembling the frames at the end of the month.

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