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Time to start a new project, the Sea Knight

By Osangar - Posted on 18 March 2012

I have been rather quiet for the last couple of years, but I ended up really enjoying my canoes.  I built two more canoes after the one I blogged about here, one for my wife and one for my brother.  I also converted the canoe building form into a cat play/scratching tower that they absolutely love.

During the last couple of years of enjoying my canoes and all the new places I could go and do with them I continued to ponder what my next project would be.  Building the canoes was really enjoyable and rewarding (still is everytime I go out in one of them), and it really wet my appetite (excuse the pun, more to come)to do something more, something bigger.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and there is so much to see here by boat.  So I started to scour the intenet, my Wooden Boat magazines and the boat shows to see what was out there.

I ended up waffling between two designs, one a sailboat and one a power boat.  They are both trailerable and both are built out of sheet plywood and most importantly can be built by an amature.

The sailboat is the Kavalier 800 design and the plans are free.  Here

The powerboat (outboard) is the Glen-L Sea Knight.  Here

The final decision I made last month and at the end was pretty easy.  If I ever wanted my wife to come out with me it had better be the power boat.  On top of that I am restricted with space as I live in an apartment and I will be using a parking space to do most of the building if not all.

So now that I have gotten my feet wet building the canoes I feel confident to start something bigger and more fun.  I received my plans at the end of Feb and I cut my first length of board on March 4th (I am a little late starting this but  I couldn't tear myself away once I got the plans).  Will try to over the next few days to catch up to where I am, which really isn't too far in the grand scheme of things.

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