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Thistle 1040 - One rail on...

By Thistle1040 - Posted on 04 March 2012

Today I installed the port side rail. It's made up of three pieces of mahogany laminated to create the inner rail and one piece of purple heart for the outer rail. In this photo, you can see how the rails are leveled by clamping to a crossmember while gluing. Both rails are installed about 1/16" proud so they can be belt sanded flat to the top of the hull skin.

The inner rail is fitted first to match the tumblehome of the Thistle hull sides. Then the outter rail is fitted and they are ready to glue up togehter. Some people wait to attach the outer rail until the outside of the boat is glassed but I like to bond the rail directly to the hull skin and glue them up together at the same time. The inner rail is held in place with a few screws from the outside of the hull and then longer screws are used through the outer rail to pull everything tight.

One tip I'll share (OK, two) save your sawdust so you can make epoxy filler paste that is the same color as the wood you're using. The other tip is to spend extra time cleaning up while epoxy drips and squeeze out can be easily removed as opposed to waiting until after it cures to sand it away. One more tip for Thistle owners, I like to keep the boat in a jig while installing the rails so I know the width and length of the boat is right on.

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