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Thistle 1040 - Interior sanded - Rails fitted

By Thistle1040 - Posted on 25 February 2012

Thistle railI have both sides of the boat interior sanded. The first layer of epoxy and 3.7oz cloth is now smooth and ready for one more coat of Low-V epoxy but we'll have to wait until it's warm enough for the Low-V to flow out and level before it can be applied. That means it's time to start working on the rest of the new woodwork.

I fitted the inner rails and these are ready to be glued into place. The Thistle has reverse tumblehome near the transom and it flares out towards the bow. That means the edge of the rail has to be shaped with a hand plane along its length to make the fit just right. Epoxy will fill areas where it's not perfect so the most important part to focus on is the top edge where the rail is visable against the hull skin. Once the inner and outer rails are installed, they will all be beltsanded smooth and have the edges rounded to make hiking out on those long windward legs less painful. One important thing to do is to clamp both rails to crossmembers to keep them flat as they are fitted and glued. The rails should not twist to follow the hull tumblehome angle but should instead be flat, all the way from the transom to the bow. Next I'll fit the outer rails and then glue them up together as one unit.

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