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Sanding 1/2 done...

By Thistle1040 - Posted on 21 January 2012

I finished sanding the epoxy and cloth on one side of the boat and have one more side to do. This is tedious work and it seems to take forever to finish. The now smooth layer of epoxy and fiberglass cloth will get one more coating of epoxy but it will be Progressive's Low-V epoxy which flows and levels easily. This will be then covered with varnish or some other clear coat with UV inhibitor.

To make things more interesting, I started fitting one of the rails. The Thistle has some tumblehome in the starn and the hull flares out in the bow. That means quite a bit of shaping to get things to fit. Larry Ligget has a nice set of videos on Youtube showing how this is done. I'll embed part 1 below.

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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