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lofting pictures

By steves marisol skiff - Posted on 20 November 2011

I'm going to try to post a few shots of my progress


since my last posting i've spent most of my time setting up the backbone. I didnt get a whole lot done from thanksgiving through new years but I've been back at it since jan 2. I've got the transom cut as well as most of the major components for the backbone. Giffords design plans are pretty to look at and the many detailed perspectives are useful but they don't include a schedule of fasteners nor a suggestion for how to proceed. Luckily i've been able to draw on the experience of some local experienced builders. I've also contracted a teacher at IYRS in Newport to work with me once a week for a couple of hours to keep me on track. Suffice it to say we've backtracked a bit to undo a pile of mistakes. Still it's a great experience and i'm gradually learning some new skills. It seems a bit odd but it's all I think about. I'm forever making notes and planing boards in the air at work.

the centerboard case was a doosie, but I got it done. So what if the boat only makes left turns. Luckily I'm naturally a bit of a perfectionist and the plans are drawn to the millimeter. I glassed the inside of the box for good measure.  one picture shows the keelson( or hog as gifford calls it) suspended with some weight between two blocks just to get it used to the

idea of the bend to come. more later.

 a slice of the keelson to act as a guide for the girder supportscenter board case on the table, keelson being presprung attaching the sternknee to the girder

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