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Why a Whilly boat?

By dave olson - Posted on 09 October 2011

In the search for a boat to build, I was very interested in a Nordic style boat as I am 1/2 Norwegian and a few years ago I participated in a class put on at the San Francisco Maritime Museum by Wooden Boat School back in the east. We built a Nordic Pram, which was a lapstrake type fastened with copper rivets. It was a beauty, and so simple using just the eye and some bevel angles that the instructor had preselected. Hand tools were the only things we used to do the work, and in one week we had a boat to row in the bay.

I wanted something a bit more planned out for me, as there would be no instructor to keep me guided in the correct direction as we had in the city. I wanted a Nordic style, I have always liked double enders, and Iain Oughtred had some nice Nordic designs and plans for building that seemed to have a good level of detail.

I sent for the plans and when they arrive, I will be taking photos of the progress and post more news on this website. Stay tuned.

Time has passed and I have made progress...I did not feel that anything I have done was earth shaking enough or significantly different or better than others blogs on the same type of project. I will, however, be posting some photos and bringing this blog up to date. I have not given up. The Raven will float at some fact an acquaintance said "forevermore float the Raven..sorry, had to report that, it really did happen.

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