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The world of Cobb cookery

By stuhaynes - Posted on 17 January 2010

After my first post discussing aspects of the Cobb cooker on board I thought it might be an idea to follow it up with another Cobb link. Below is a link to an article I wrote called 'Welcome to the World of Cobb Cookery'. This article gives more information and addresses some of the questions.

A question I get asked quite a bit is the one about baking bread in the Cobb and how is it possible? If you read the article previously mentioned, and click the link in the signature at the bottom of the article you'll be taken to a webpage with half a dozen videos and recipes for the Cobb. I've just added a new 10 minute video there where Chef David from Australia roasts Lamb and bakes bread rolls, showing just how easy this is.

Apart from possibly freshly brewed coffee there is no nicer smell than that of fresh baked bread. It's not normally what people expect to be able to do on a relatively small boat. All part of the Cobbs magic.

Welcome to the World of Cobb Cookery



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