You are hereDay 5 Lofting Bottom Panels

Day 5 Lofting Bottom Panels

By pnelson - Posted on 28 May 2003

It took just a couple of hours to loft the panels and cut them. Really only a few minutes to loft and a few more to cut and a lot of time looking and measuring. It is SO COOL to lay the panels out side by side again and bring the tips together and, "HEY! It's a boat!"

Now I have to drill the holes for stitching the sides together. I'll have to get some wire for that tomorrow.

I got my versalam and I'm underwhelmed at the quality. I'm sure with all the verniers that it is stronger than a single fir board but it's also heavier and the sides are not as finished as I'd like them to be. No matter... This will be covered with glass and strength is a good thing for this part of the boat. It IS very straight and true in all dimensions.

Good discussion on the Tolman group about kickers (get me home motors). I'm looking on ebay and it seems that you can get all sorts of new motors there for reasonable prices. More research required...

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