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Day 4 Cleaning Scarfs and Lofting

By pnelson - Posted on 27 May 2003

Only a couple of hours to work this evening. I cleaned up the scarf joints with a hot air gun and sharp 3" putty blade. This saves LOTS of time later as it's hard to sand epoxy. I used West System's 403 additive which is an adhesive filler in the scarf/glue joints and that makes the sanding even harder. By scraping the excess glue off within 24 hours you save time vs. sanding it off later. The heat helps the warm epoxy come right off. It also helps to clean up any epoxy "drips" with hot air and the blade vs. sanding. Fir does not sand well so we'll try to avoid that.

The scarfing went well. I have two, nice, straight long panels. With just a little fairing they lie together with no gaps and I'm anxious to turn them into a boat bottom by cutting the curves and stitching them together.

I'm stumped when it comes to the numbers listed in the table for lofting the bottom panels. It seems that the 32" panels should come to a point but the offset values listed for station 0 don't add to 32". I've posted a question to the Tolman, Yahoo list and will see what those wiser than me have to say on the issue.
(UPDATE: Duh... I was thinking of distances from each side rather than the "one" reference side. Moral of story, don't cut when you're tired. Look at it again in the morning. I'm glad I waited!)

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