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By pnelson - Posted on 16 January 2006

If you are a wooden boat builder, owner or just want to be -- this web site is for you. You are invited to register for an account and create a Builder's Blog or Log Book for your boat. You can also upload photographs and participate in wooden boat discussion forums.

Registration is free and the web site is free and easy to use. You don't have to know how to create web pages to have your own boat blog. Your name and email address will never be sold or given away. The site is funded by the sponsors listed on the right side the web page. I maintain as a hobby. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have. -- Paul Nelson (

Read more for info on joining the site.

NOTE: We want you to upload photos! The web site will resize your photos so that they are no larger than 350 pixels wide. This is the best size for displaying in your post. Tutorial for adding photos... <<< watch this! It will help. ;-)

Note: After you register, I'll create a Builder's Blog and Log Book in the categories listing for you. I try to check for new users every night so it may take a day or so for your categories to appear. You can still post right away and file the post later if you like.



Hallo Paul. Is there a way that I can link my blog of the restoration of an Atalanta26 to your blogspot? I have an RSS feed but I'm not sure what I must do. Peter


Sure Peter, just give me the address of your blog and I'll take care of it.

 ;-) Paul

Paul, Do you have a preferred method of loading photo's. I really like the photo gallery you created of my zip file and wonder if there is a way that I can add more photo's to it as I take them. I especially like having the three sizes to choose from. Can you let me know the three size formats and if I can add them to the photo's file? Or if there is a help area I should be looking in let me know. Again great site. KCD

This is a great site and much appreciated. I was able to attach photos and create a link to them but I was unable to figure out how to make them display. I tried to follow your instructions but I think I am missing something as it doesn't seem to work for me. Is there a help function on editing that might point me in the right direction? Thanks again.

You were almost there with the images. Take a look at the changes I made and now they show up fine. I also added a little screen shot to the intro message. I hope this will help. -- Paul

Where was the input option? I thought that might be it but I couldn't find where to make the update to full HTML. Thanks very much for your assistance. Is it possible to edit the page again? I am going to send you a zip file of 74 photo's. My thought is to create several catchup blogs of the build to date. I would probably remove the current one and then add it back after I caught up if that is possible to do. If you think this is too many photos let me know and i will par them down. It is the same photo's as on fishy fish but i would add build thoghts and notes. I numbered the photos on the image name so they would be in order. Thanks Paul


When I create a new blog entry this is a facsimile of what I see. I have the text box for entering my text and then I see a formatting guidelines note talking about HTML tags allowed and then I get the attachments listing. If I look at your screen shot it seems there should be radio boxes to select the type of input, fill HTML in this case. If so i don't see the radio boxes. Thanks for your help. I sent you an email with an attachment to the email listed in your entry above. Thanks for your help. KCD

Formatting guidelines:

Allowed HTML tags: a em strong cite code ul ol li dl dt dd

Lines and paragraphs break automatically.
More information about formatting options

Attach new file:

Sorry Kenneth... I needed to turn on that feature for users. It should work for you now. Yes you can go back and edit pages.

;-) Paul

Thanks very much

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