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Day 1 - Sawdust

By pnelson - Posted on 24 May 2003

I started my Tolman project today. I got all the plywood for the hull, transom and sides as well as material for the jig. I ended up purchasing all marine ply from Mr. Plywood here in Portland. They had some nice Birch ply but I was afraid it would not be as rot resistant as traditional fir.

The garage is totally clean, the tools are in place, the sawhorses are made, the wood is here so I had to actually cut some stuff up. I cut two of the 1/2" sheets in preparation for scarfing tomorrow. It's a bit difficult ripping with my radial arm saw but that's all I have. I could use the skillsaw but after many years, I'm pretty good at it so I do end up with a better cut. I'll need help tomorrow ripping the longer 8' sheets so I'll drag Jeanette out to the garage in the afternoon for that. My goal is to have the bottom panels scarfed and the jig made by the end of Memorial day weekend. ;-)

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