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25' Modern Retro - Chris Craft look-a-like

This 25 footer may look like a Chris Craft, but it was made in 2002

In Board V8


16 foot - Table for 4 - from Canadian Electric

CANADIAN ELECTRIC- 16 foot - Table for 4

Single lever - EZ Stearing

Minn Kota Electric Motor

Variable Speed Control

6-8 hours of water time on full charge

Bilge Pump

Pioneer Sound System

Bow and Stern Flags 

Karavan Custom Trailer

TKO 15 - Plywood Speedboat

TKO 15' Speedboat  DRAFT 1  - Comments welcome

Length overall = 15′

Beam = 2,088 m / 6′ - 8″

Depth = 0,753 m / 2′ 6″

Draft = 0,248 m / 10″

Displacement = 1102 lbs. estimated

Hull weight = 485 lbs. estimated

Passengers = up to 5

Outboard = 25 - 90 HP

Promoting your business with luggage tags and adhesive labels...

When I retired I started spending more time in the shop working on boats. I was restoring boats and working on boats from local racing fleets. Before I knew it, my hobby had turned into a business. My blogs were bringing in new customers but I needed a way to get my contact info and website address in front of other boat owners. I decided to create a brand and logo for the business using luggage tags and adhesive labels.

Before and after - Thistle 448

Here are two videos, a before and after of the restoration of Thistle 448. I'm working on the exterior right now and will post a full video once she's all done.

Designing and building something a little different

Well I'm new here and I did build a "6 hour canoe" that I figured out several years ago, but it's become damaged to the point of not being worth rebuilding, so I decided to design and build something a little different. It's an S&G design "canyak', for lack of a better word. The pirogue served it's purpose and I enjoyed building as well as using it, but it had a learning curve when it came to using it. After looking ad quite a few other designs out by different designers, I decided what I'm looking for.


Flexible vs Rigid Adhesive for Door Construction


I am making a one-for-one replacement companionway door for my daughter and son-in-law's motor cruiser.  The existing door is made of teak and features stainless steel hardware.  Image 49 shows the existing door in its closed position.  Image 50 shows the door in its open position.  Image 54 shows the basic construction, rails and stiles joined by tenons with the panels fitted into rabbets in the frame pieces.  Images 52 and 56 show the dilapidated state of the door.

I am planning to make new rails and stiles from teak and to reuse the panels from the existing door.  The panels are in reasonable shape and can be restored by sanding and scraping.  I am planning to reuse as much of the hardware as I can, probably only having to replace the fasteners.  The owners requested that I keep the folding door design rather than make a rigid one-piece replacement door.

Coot N29DW Rebuild

It has been nearly two years since my last entry. Two things happened to slow the project.  A partially reassembled Coot Amphibian N29DW came up for sale.  This aircraft had been flipped, causing the main and aux spars to be cracked.  The spars have been replaced but the ribs and skins were not reassembled on the airplane.  The price was acceptable and my A&I mechanic agreed to open up some space in his shop for us to work on it together.  So N29DW was crated in a container truck and shipped from Minnesota to Virginia. 

Sea Knight - Somewhat Done and Too Much Fun

Oh my bad, I left you all hanging back in May.  Did I get the boat launched?  Did it float?  I am happy to report that yes I did get to launch my boat in June and yes it did float.  I have been having almost too much fun this summer with the boat and I just couldn't get around to finding the time, organizing my pictures or thoughts to update my blog.

Let me start where I left off though as it was a very frantic few weeks from my last blog post to getting the boat in the water.  First was getting the cabin door in place and putting the helm box together so that the marine shop would have a place to mount the steering and controls for me.

Cabin door and helm box

Cabin door and helm box

Cabin door and helm box

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy?


EpoxyUSA.com Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

Google Search



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