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Day 7 Stitch & Glue

By pnelson - Posted on 31 May 2003

Stitched up and she's starting to look like a boat now!

I've used this trick in the past to keep the panels aligned when stitching. Just lay a short 1/4" dowel in the space between the panels. This is fast and easy, keeps the panels from shifting while you tighten the wires and they are easy to grind off when you do the other side.



I spent the afternoon truing the jig and bottom and laying the fillet and tape on the center seam. Whoa! That's one big fillet!



It took a lot of epoxy, all of my sawdust flour and most of my colloidal silica. I made three batches of goopy stuff to spread with my 5 inch plastic blade. It took awhile to get it smooth and then I'm sure I messed it all up again when I put the tape on. The good news, I think I got all the air bubbles, all of the tape is saturated, all the tie heads are covered and the boat is nice and straight.

It took quite some time to get the 42" measurement 40" back from the stem and then to measure the bow angle. I made up a 55 degree jig to set up against the stem to check it and it seems that with the chines at the right place, everything is as it should be. Renn's notes say that the hull panels are expected to be 31 1/2" at this point. That means he lost 1/2" inch somewhere. I'm not sure about that. I did some fairing along the center but I'm still at 32". My measurement at the scarf was 60" instead of his 59 1/2" but I'm thinking that's close enough. I've got the plywood set aside and marked up for scarfing the chine flats but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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