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Day 3 Scarf & Jig

By pnelson - Posted on 26 May 2003

I got everything done this weekend that I wanted to. I scarfed up both sides of the bottom, built the jig and even had time to finish the "make your neighbor mad" tarp and garage extension that will make my house an eyesore for the next two years. Life is good...
End of Day:

Tomorrow I get the versalam stringer. That means that this week I'll shape those and layup the transom. I'll also make the forms for the hull on the jig. Renn said he had new numbers for an asymmetric cutout to better protect the hydraulic steering ram. "...46 inches with 30 to left of center. " Now I just have to look at the drawings and figure out what that means. I guess I have to actually start making some decisions soon.
Kicker? It makes sense to me to have a "get me home" on the boat. I wonder how much it takes to bring a jumbo to hull speed? I'll have to post a question to the Tolman list and get some good advice on that one.
I ordered two 3-gallon kits of basic no-blush epoxy from Progressive Epoxy. That brings me up to about 9 gallons which should keep me going for awhile. I'll never use epoxy that blushes again. This stuff is cheaper too. I really like the way it performed on my Thistle.

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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