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Leut Renovation

Leut Renovation 2 - Glossary of New Words

As part of the renovation of the leut, we have to learn new Croatian words specific to the boat:

brod - boat

trup - hull

gaz - draught

skladište - hold

grotlo - hatch

kaljuža - bilge

kobilica - keel

platica - plank

šuperenje - caulking

paklina - pitch

?avli - nail

vijci - screw

Leut Renovation 1

Finished Boat

Leuts are one of several boat designs coastal Croatians developed. Others types include small dingies such as batanas, pasaras and gucs; gajetas, which are sister ships of leuts; and larger merchant mariners such as braceras, trabakuls, and peligs. The boats were used for fishing, trading and tranportation.

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