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Skin-On-Frame Canoe - Part III

I have finished lashing my ribs to the stems and the keelson.  Next it is time to attach the stringers and the gunwale to the stems.

I cut some of the length off of my stringers and gunwales keeping a piece of each.  These I use to help get the right angle cut where the stringers and gunwales meet up with the stems.  I would put this extra piece of wood up against the side of the stem, bend a stringer in towards the stem until it touches.   Then I would draw my line on the stringer where it goes underneath that extra piece of wood.  This is where I cut the stringer or gunwale off.

Once they are all cut down to the proper angle so they bend towards the stem and sit flush down its sides.  For myself this also required extra sanding and filing.  Zap the adjancent stringers and gunwales together so that they are sitting snug against the stem.  Then drill a couple holes through each set for the dowels to go into, and drill some holes above and below each set for the lashing.

Here you can see how the stringers are sitting flush against the stem and I've got a couple holes drilled in with my dowels in place.  I am using glue on my dowels and the dowels I am using are simply bamboo skewers that I got from the grocery store.

Skin-On-Frame Canoe - Part II

After I assembled the station mold together, and cut the slit in the two end pieces for the stems to rest in. I needed to attach an extension to either end so I could clamp the tips of the stems to it. Once the stems were in place and lined up properly I cut down the keelson to the required length and lashed it to the stems.

Brian Chandler's Skin-on-Frame Canoe

I'm not much of a wood worker, somehow that gene missed me as everyone else in my family for generations has done fabulous work with wood.  Not sure what happened with this project maybe it is because I am a little older and I have more patience, or maybe it is because this design is so simple even I couldn't mess it up.  Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't say that yet.

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