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Sea Knight - Somewhat Done and Too Much Fun

Oh my bad, I left you all hanging back in May.  Did I get the boat launched?  Did it float?  I am happy to report that yes I did get to launch my boat in June and yes it did float.  I have been having almost too much fun this summer with the boat and I just couldn't get around to finding the time, organizing my pictures or thoughts to update my blog.

Let me start where I left off though as it was a very frantic few weeks from my last blog post to getting the boat in the water.  First was getting the cabin door in place and putting the helm box together so that the marine shop would have a place to mount the steering and controls for me.

Cabin door and helm box

Cabin door and helm box

Cabin door and helm box

Sea Knight - Motor Well and Cockpit

When I went to the Boat Show earlier in the year I put a deposit onto a motor, a Evinrude 75hp 2 stroke.  I mentioned to them what I was putting it onto and the gentleman there told me I had better check my transom height as most of those old boat plans are made for the short shaft motor which isn't common anymore.  When I got home I measured my transom and sure enough it is cut out for the short shaft and I needed to add at least 4 inches to the height.  So if anyone out there is thinking of putting a boat together double check the plans for the transom height to ensure you cut it out to match the motor you will be getting.

Sea Knight - Interior Painting

Been hard at work getting the interior painted.  Not going to say much other than I am one step closer and glad it is done.  Cutting all of the edges and corners on the battens, frames, sheers, chines, stem,butt joints, cabinetry inside and outside took longer than the actual painting. 

There is still some more finishing details to be done on the inside, but the bulk of it is taken care of and I can work on the rest at my leisure.  Just want to get it usuable before summer time.

Interior cutting

Interior cutting and painting

Interior painting

Interior painting

Interior painting

Sea Knight - Happy New Year

Happy 2014 everyone!  I took November and December off, except to tear down the temporary structure I had built over my parking spot.  It is now January 2014 and I am ready to get back at her and see if I can finish her off in time for the summer.

Outside Covered

After I took my structure down I covered her up with a new heavy duty tarp.  It helps keep it warm and dry inside while I am working on the interior of the cabin, with the help of a little portable heater. Which you can see here in my empty cabin.

Putting the interior together

Putting the interior together

Sea Knight - Topside Painted

Well the last month has been a flurry of activity trying to get the top finished off and painted before the cold weather really hits and I am glad to report I got it done.

Last post I had put up the bulkheads and it was time to get started on building the roof, which involved putting up the roof beams and supports along the cabin sides.

Cabin Roof

The windshield was sure a project in patience.  Freaked me right out as the instructions said to use dowels to join the pieces together which adds a level complexity. 


Somehow I managed to get them together fairly well, and then as I started to fair and shape them to fit I noticed I was planing through some of the dowels.  Guess that is why I couldn't just screw them together.


Sea Knight - Getting Started Top Side

It has been a while since I updated my blog, but we had an absolutely gorgeous summer up here this year and I ended up spending more time with my patient better half and enjoying some great adventures.  After how much time I spent working on the boat last summer I couldn't do that again this summer.  She even came up with the name for the boat, "My Mistress".

I wasn't completely idle though since flipping the boat.  I got my little parking spot cleaned up, back the boat in and got the boat level.


Cleaned up the top of the hull cutting and planing it down level with the top of the sheers.  Next cut out the carlings and mounted them to the inside of the frames.

Mounting Carlings

Next I need to install the deck frames.

Installing Deck Frames

Sea Knight - Flipping

I wish there was some way to express how excited I was last week but I do not know if there is anyway to put it to words.  I went and got a new trailer for my boat and spent a couple of days disconecting the boat hull from the building form in anticipation of flipping the boat over. 

YYiippeee!! I finally get to see it right side up, no more looking at the bottom of the boat.

Got a bunch of friends to come over and help with the grande boat flipping ceremony.  Had more than enough people show up and some came that couldn't help.  But everyone was almost as excited as I was to share this moment.

I am building this in a parking spot in my apartment buildings parking lot so the method was to lift it up, carry it straight forward over the building form.  Lay it down on the carpet, roll it over, then give it a turn so that we can carry it straight onto the trailer.  Then I could clean up the parking spot, tear down the building form and push the boat and trailer back into its parking spot.

Alright everyone lets give this a try.

Sea Knight - Painting

Here we are the first week of July (happy Canada Day and happy Independence Day) and she is painted and ready to be flipped over. 

Lets not get ahead of myself, but I am so excited right now.  Its not that I am tired of seeing the bottom of the boat, but I am tired of seeing the bottom of the boat and it is just such a milestone of this project. 

Took a weekend in June to go up to Pender Harbour with my better half as she has been so patient and understanding while I have been working on this project which has been taking up a lot of free time.  What a beautiful part of the world.  We stayed in one of the resorts on the water there, put the canoes in Saturday morning and rowed the whole day visiting different areas for morning coffee, lunch, and an ice cream before we went back to the resort near dinner time.

Sea Knight - Fibreglassing

Prior to putting the fibreglass on, I had a some low spots about midway that needed to be filled and faired so I could get the back half on the bottom as straight and smooth as possible.  However, it turns out I am not that good at fairing and filling and for a while there thought I had done more damage than good.  I am happy to report though I did manage to get thru it and I even expanded some of my vocabulary.


Sea Knight - I've Got a Hull

Took the bottom panel off, through some epoxy on it and screwed her into place fairly easily, I guess sitting in that position over winter did help some.

Bottom Panel

Need to clean up the bow section a bit so I can have the next bottom panel over lap the first one. 

Bottom Panel

To assist with the bends on these two bottom pieces at the bow I left towels on the wood for a few days pouring hot water on them in the mornings and evenings.  I would some heavy duty straps to help bend the wood to get it into place.

Bottom Panel

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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