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Well I have been hard at it again and have been working at a steady pace.  I don't have any recent photos, but will add some soon.

I was dead set on a center console at first, but have since decided to build a dual console helm.

The reasons were that I might want to use the boat for some basic cruising aside from fishing and wanted myself and the 1st passenger to be comfortable. 

 I am designing the consoles and windsheild based on the Alumaweld Talon series.  I really like the near vertical look of the windsheild on that boat.

Arise Arise Arise

The winter coat is coming off an its time for the project to resume!!!!

Too much has gotten in the way of this project, but I am going to resume this weekend.  I am curious to see how the Tap Plastics epoxy has held up.

I purchased 3 sheet of okume for the decking.  Don't know how it will hold up,but it looked far better than the ACX.

Photos soon!

Next Steps

It took 4 layers of 25% graphite/epoxy and 1 layer of fiberglass cloth but we made it! Easy to work with and once I learned the ease of rolling and tipping I was much happier. Now to flip onto the new trailer.

Here are some additional photos and an glimpse of the old trailer



Before and


Bye goes the bottom paint!

Well, I am past the point of no return on the bottom now. Here is the process that got me to the point in the picture below.


1) Paint on Jasco paint remover from gallon can

2) Scrape off as much paint that bubbled up during chemical process

3)paint on 2nd coat of Jasco remover

4) scrape off paint, mostly down to bare wood.

5) use 7'' sander/polisher with 80grit disk to sand remaining paint and metal fastners.

Back at it

SO, after painting the house (seen in photo) it was time to flip!
The bro and I have er halfway over in the picture.


Just when I am ready to flip, the painters show up for our long overdue house painting.  So, the flip will end up being the 2nd week in August.  I am guessing that my next entries will be after that.

 I am anxious as heck to get back on it. 

 One thing I did get to the DAY before our July storms I drilled out the drain holes.  I followed Ren's instructions on creating epoxy "tubes" by wrapping Ceran Wrap around a 1'' mop handle and then pre-wetting and rolling fiberglass cloth around it.


It is nice to get somewhere sometimes!!  I am now ready to flip the boat and tackle the bottom!

The transom is affixed, for better or worse.  I am still a little confused about epoxy on epoxy adhesion but I make sure to sand and wash with ammonia and water often before moving on.

 I finally figured out filleting.  Renn's description is fine and, with a little practice I seem to be making them ok.

Pickup from where I left off.....

I have been hacking and wacking and learning the "sticking" points of Epoxy work. I am using TAP Plastics marine epoxy w/ a slow hardener. So far I think my work is improving.


Hull stripped and transom brackets added

Hull stripped and transom brackets added (don't ask just enjoy!)


Let's see what I bought!

Well, the deconstruction has begun. More rot than I first thought, but I can live with that.

Dillabaugh Refit

Well, my shared driveway hasn't gotten any bigger, but my boat building desire has. So, I have bought my second wood boat. The first is being used down as a tidewater boat at the coast, but this one will be my baby. 1959 15' 9'' Dillabaugh (name plate attached). I guess they were made here in Portland,OR. Plywood on frame construction with 2'' cedar crossmembers. Great shape except for the transom. There was a strange modification to the transom so it has to be completely replaced.

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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