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Great Alaskan blog update

Well, I have not been able to load any pictures onto this blog, so here is a ink to my google blog with pictures:




28ft Great Alaskan Boat Build Blog : Materials and getting Organized

Unfortunately, I cannot upload any pictures to this blog, so I created another blog at google blogspot.  Feel free to check out the blog here"

I have just about gotten my 40' x 20' temporary garage setup.  This is where I will be actually building the boat.  I also have a 30x20 woodshop that I will try to do the panel cutout and most of the other work in not related to actually hanging a panel.  How much materials does it take to build the hull of the Great Alaskan out to 28'?  Well, check the photos out!

28ft Great Alaskan Boat Build Blog

My name is Jim Stancil and I am just starting to build the Great Alaskan.  This boat is designed by Brian Dixon and is a variation on the Tolman Jumbo.  I am building this boat near Daytona Beach Florida.


Unfortunately, I cannot upload any pictures to this blog, so I created another blog at google blogspot.  Feel free to check out the blog here"

Thistle 1040 - Mustang Grabber Blue

Blue ThistleIt may not seem like a traditional color for a wooden boat but this blue will look great with the warm mahogany wood on the inside of the Thistle.

We're ready now to roll the boat back upright and will start finishing up the interior and installing hardware. It's time to get this boat on the water! My deadline is the PNW Thistle Districts, at Yale Lake - July 8-9

Thistle 1040 - Primer on...

Thistle primer

My goal for this Memorial day weekend was to get the System Three Silver Tip primer on. I was ready to paint Sunday night but as a rule, it's better to start projects like this at the beginning of the day when you're fresh so I waited.

This morning I spent two more hours with the long board. Your hands are more sensitive when you haven't been sanding for the last few hours and I was able to feel small lumps that were not there yesterday.

Anyway, the first coat of primer is on and it looks great. Now every pinhole, scratch and fault is all that more visible. I'll get to those with some glazing putty and prime again after a good sanding with 150. 


Thistle primer

Sea Knight - Building Form Construction and Mounting the Frames

So I went downstairs and started working on my building form, one of the most important aspects of putting this whole boat together.  Must say I was glad it was a nice day out as I wasn't too impressed with what I ended up with.  I will cut myself a bit of a break as the parking spot I am working in has more little hills and valleys than the foothills and is definitely not level.

building form assembly

Had a bad feeling already at this point about how this was going to go, but had to keep going anyways.

building form assembly

Not complete, not even I could go any further.  As it looks there, believe it or not, it was perfectly level just not sure if it was at proper 90deg.  Somewhat solid, but nowhere near where it needs to be to build on.

building form assembly

Thistle 1040 - Fairing setback...

While sanding the starboard side of the boat today I noticed that a section at the bow was sanding poorly and that the eopxy had not fully cured. I put it down to poor mixing. I'll have to remove the epoxy and fairing from the front two feet of the boat and redo. I hate wasting time in this way but I'd much rather discover this now than after it had been painted. What a hassle that would have been?!!!

Thistle 1040 - Last round of fairing...

Thistle fairing

There are two kinds of fairing when refinishing a boat. When you're sanding with a long board you're working on the overall shape of the hull, taking down the high spots. Then you add filler to the low spots and try to get the curves and shape of the hull smooth and fair. We're past this stage now with the Thistle. After the fairing for hull shape was complete the hull was glassed with 6oz cloth and epoxy. 

Wednesday and she now has a Bilge Pump ....

Another step forward .... she now has a bilge pump .... always a good feeling to have a working bilge pump 

Back on her mooring and I'm back at the desk ...

Dennis worked on the bow today a rotten section of deck ... a temporary fix wile the transom is repaired fully ... more deck rot ... once the rot has been dealt with then it is putting the rebuilt engine back in and starting on the inside .... even though there is much of the deck and cabin to work on ... we need a bed and galley so we can camp on her while we work :-)

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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