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Flexible vs Rigid Adhesive for Door Construction


I am making a one-for-one replacement companionway door for my daughter and son-in-law's motor cruiser.  The existing door is made of teak and features stainless steel hardware.  Image 49 shows the existing door in its closed position.  Image 50 shows the door in its open position.  Image 54 shows the basic construction, rails and stiles joined by tenons with the panels fitted into rabbets in the frame pieces.  Images 52 and 56 show the dilapidated state of the door.

I am planning to make new rails and stiles from teak and to reuse the panels from the existing door.  The panels are in reasonable shape and can be restored by sanding and scraping.  I am planning to reuse as much of the hardware as I can, probably only having to replace the fasteners.  The owners requested that I keep the folding door design rather than make a rigid one-piece replacement door.

Best Marine Epoxy

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