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Wednesday and she now has a Bilge Pump ....

Another step forward .... she now has a bilge pump .... always a good feeling to have a working bilge pump 

Back on her mooring and I'm back at the desk ...

Dennis worked on the bow today a rotten section of deck ... a temporary fix wile the transom is repaired fully ... more deck rot ... once the rot has been dealt with then it is putting the rebuilt engine back in and starting on the inside .... even though there is much of the deck and cabin to work on ... we need a bed and galley so we can camp on her while we work :-)

Monday and she is splashed

Today three weeks after coming out on the hard ... Marsude was splashed ... after much hard labour and many steps toward her full restoration ...

She has new Tassie Oak frames and stainless gussets and floor frames that should have been timber in the first place ... but now we just have to go with what is ...

Saturday ... the race was on

The race was on we had a few extra days so we thought we would do the topsides as well while she was out ... we were fortunate enough to have about a square metre that virtually fell off .. the rest was just hard scraping ... 95% ready for sanding and priming and hopefully we can fit in some filling ... but the main objective is to protect the hull ... till we are able to strip back , everdure, re-dynal where required and then finally paint :-)

Interior ... frame repairs have proven a bit of an achillies heel due to preparation and the application of everdure to replacement components ... the few finished frames feel terrific and solid ... tight :-) Steel work will resume once back in the water ... it's been alot of hard work ... but this is one hell of a boat and worth every moment of effort :-)  

Friday ... day off work

no photos ... too busy scraping the topsides ... on the outside and building beautiful frames insitu on the inside ... 

what next ...

What next on the outside? peel off the topside paint, repair dynal then undercoat and paint ... while on the inside timber frames are being repaired .... replacing the rotten out lamenated frames made of Maple of all things with Tassie Oak lamenated frames ... she is so worth it

some days the day job sounds pretty good

Some days when filthy and exhausted the day job sounds pretty easy and not too much of a pain :-)

inside damage being repaired slowly but surely

Down below after removing the rusted steel, and because we didnt have room to replace with timber, we have replaced with stainless steel ... I'm learning new stuff every day ...

Antifoul is on

Marsude now has her bottom stripped and repaired and undercoated and antifouled

Now we jsut have a few thousand jobs to go ... but she is so worth it :-)

Marsude on the slip ... still

Marsude has been on the slip for ten days now and in that time we have removed 40 years of antifoul, removed rusting steel frame supports  in the bilge and replaced them with stainless steel ... no idea why they put steel in a timber boat in the first place ... the cedar stringers and hull are fine, however the frames are rotten where they have been in contact with the rusting steel and screwed through laminated joints ...  

We have also removed all the through hull fittings to repair or replace with new bronze ones  ... The mast is down and the boom and whisker pole and spreaders are at home in the back yard waiting for sanding to be completed. 

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