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lofting pictures

I'm going to try to post a few shots of my progress


getting started

After waiting far too long i'm finally getting started building my first boat, a 12'5" marisol skiff. I havent picked a name yet but Patience seems apt. The first job i've undertaken is lofting the boat full size. I made a nice sturdy and level platform, painted it up and got started with the grid. i took about a week to meticulously lay out the boss lines and called in a pal to check my progress.  He found a couple of hard spots and discovered my battens were the problem; a little lumpy.  i remade those, tweaked the boss lines and it was off to the races with the waterlines. As i dropped the waterlines from the profile to the half breadths i made the joyous discovery of a cumulative error in my grid and the whole thing was off and useless. i just got back in front of the fire after repainting the board and am just chomping at the bit to restart the grid tomorrow.

terrible as it is it still beats work and i'm stretching a new part of my brain. 

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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