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Long Coot Sunday, July 25, 2010

For several years now I have been tinkering on the drawing board for a new seaplane.  I have recently made some design decisions that are solidifying the project and I am looking for people near and far who might be interested in a project like this.  So here goes. 

My wife and I, our luggage, and our dog routinely fly 400 NM from EZF to HXD for visits with family.  We are right at 2150 lbs gross in our Cherokee 140 with 40 gal of fuel and make the trip in 3.8 hours with 1 hour reserve.  We also have the ability to take two couples, no luggage and a light load of fuel up for a joy ride.  Our airplane cruises at 110 Kts at 6500 ft while burning 8.0 GPH, and 100 kts at about 7.5 GPH.  We want to be able to replace this aircraft with our new flying boat.  We live in the Chesapeake Bay region, right near the fall line.  We would really use our airplane a lot more if it were a capable boat as well as an airplane.  We like to go Dolphin watching and we like the water.   

Camper and Long Coot Amphibious Seaplane

I am working on building a Camper for my service body pickup and a custom amphibious flying boat seaplane I now call the Long Coot Amphibian.  This vessel will be based on the Coot Amphibian, but will be about 28% longer, allowing more space and weight capacity for 4 people, while retaining the ability to fold the wings and trailer the vessel behind my truck camper.  The Long Coot has been called a Super-Coot by some.  This is my first log entry and we'll see how the project goes.  Pete 6/29/10. 

Best Marine Epoxy

My favorite epoxy? Progressive Basic No-Blush Epoxy

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