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At last

Little WillieMay 2008

We finally got the Little Willie in the water. It floated. Now we are waiting on the Wildlife and fisheries to inspect it and give us a hull ID number. By the time all the paper work is received it will be to hot too get on the river. And so it goes.

Another year went by

Another year has gone by and we are still not in the water.

Had a few days of good weather and got to work on the inside; put the paneling on the over head and walls..

Today it is cold and rainey so can't get anything done.

Getting there

It's the end of November and we havn't been in the water yet.

Got the front windows in so I guess I'm making progress. Weather turned bad this week, cold and rain, can't work outdoors in weather like this.

So far so good


After falling off thr blocks two times I got it on the trailer with a friends help;

The bunks on the trailer had to be raised 3/4" so the boat would clear the fenders.

Got that wrong

Oct. 4 th.

Putting Little Willie on the trailer turned out to be more then  you would think. In the end , got it done.

Moving slow



Moving slow but moving. Got the front door installed the other day, next the back door.

This is the third time I have tried to add this little pearl of wisdom, I guess I do not know what I am doing. Remember, they didn,t have computers when I was a kid. As Linda would say, ( And so it goes )

Got a little work done


Yesterday I got the door on the front of the cabin built and put in place, today it has rained all day so unable to do anything, and so it goes.

No time

It seems like there is not enough time to do it all, boat building , RV, ing and club meetings. When you are seventy five years young you need to hurry and do it all before you run out of time. I hope to get back to work on ( Little Willie ) next week.

It is a slow go

I made a few typos in my second post, the cabin is framed with 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 cut from 2 by 4's
Got the barge jacked up but still not heigh enough to get on trailer. Have some work to do on the trailer so will worry about height later, no big deal.
Will not get anything done in the net three weeks, going RV,ing.

More Little Willie

The cabin is 8 x 10 feet, framed up with 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 cut from x4 ,s and covered with 1//4 in. Luan plywood. The next day I put the windows in and applied the first coat of latex paint. Had to take down the canopy so as to be able to put a roof over the front deck. Hope to finish out side work soon so I can put it in the water, looks like it will be a little heavy on the bow.

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